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Trattoria Campania

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza from a wood-fired oven in the heart of Belgrade

Journey to the heart of the Italian region of Campania since October 2014 in the heart of Belgrade. Right next to the Residence of Princess Ljubica, a restaurant under this name, evoking the south of Italy, was opened. Authentic and simple interior, in warm colors and natural materials, is particularly adorned with a large wood-fired oven where traditional Neapolitan pizzas are prepared or where pasta is finished (baked pasta). From appetizers, this gastronomic journey encompasses all the tastes and colors of Italy: from the splendid burrata – cheese similar to mozzarella, which when cut has a structure, the softness of young cream cheese and is served with roasted bread (crostini) and grilled vegetables, to the attractive frittele mix – various vegetables and squid fried in corn flour, ideal for ‘nibbling’ in good company with a glass of various Serbian and Italian wines. 

Of course, you must not miss the Neapolitan pizza, whose dough undergoes a special preparation method, hand-stretched and of course baked in the aforementioned oven. Consciously choosing the ‘classics’ (Margherita, Capricciosa), precisely in the desire to taste authentic flavors, we have only one comment: ‘Italy, but real!’. We tried pasta in baked form and we were not wrong, very tasty tagliatelle ‘Prosciutto Crudo’ is the local ‘response’ to the ubiquitous Carbonara, and for the next visit, there are still meat specialties (ragu alla napoletana, polpette,…). Caprese cake made without flour, with cocoa and almonds, is a mandatory sweet finale, and for every lover of Italian cuisine, Campania must be a mandatory destination.